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Mti's Current Major Aerospace and Defence Programmes & Plaforms. 

Lightweight Enclosures 
Cockpit Display Enclosures 
Saab Gripen 
Water Separators, Venturi & Liquid Cooled Radar Antenna 
Global Hawk 
Dip Brazed Chassis 
Future Lynx 
Avionics Enclosures 
Liquid Cooled Cold Plates and Enclosures 
Dip Brazed Components for the POD Flir Systems 
Amplifier Housing 
Landing Gear Housing 
CCU & DCP Enclosures 
CCU & DCP Enclosures 
Landing Gear Housing 
Landing Gear Housing 
American Army 
Chemical Warfare Detector - Lightweight Aluminium Cases 
Columbus  Polar Platform 
Fuel Computer - Chassis 
Mti is currently engaged on a number of major Aerospace and Defence Programmes and these are identified and discussed in the following: 
Boeing Dreamliner Aircraft 
Mti is currently manufacturing Mechanical Components that are part of the Boeing Dreamliners Wing Ice Protection System. Mti’s involvement is to manufacture the Main Chassis that takes the power out to the Aircraft Wings, to Heating Elements, that de-ice the wings. Mti also manufacture components for the Twin Wire Bundle that take the electrical cables to the heating elements and also allow the cables to move in and out with the Aircrafts Leading Edge. Mti is currently manufacturing 12 Aircraft Sets of mechanical components a month. 
French Fighter Aircraft 
Mti currently has contracts to manufacture and supply 61 Sets of Liquid Cooled Cold Plates for a French Fighter Aircraft. The Liquid Cooled Cold Plates are used in the High Band Jamming System that is situated next to the Aircrafts Engine. 
Mti has also recently, Thermally and Mechanically designed a new Liquid Cooled Enclosure that is pictured. This unit is employed on a French Fighter Aircraft and Mti has a contract to equip 64 Aircraft. 
Mti’s work involves manufacturing the Cold Plates and carrying out Environmental Testing, 
Proof Pressure Testing, Pressure Drop Testing and Flow Testing. 
The end user for this equipment is the Royal Indian Airforce. 
Fighting Vehicles 
Mti is currently designing and manufacturing a number of Prototype and Qualification Dip Brazed Aluminium Enclosures for Fighting Vehicles. These Enclosures are used for critical vehicle functions and production commences in 2015. 
Nuclear Submarine 
Mti manufacture a device known as a SHUE Chassis. This is a Liquid Cooled Structure that forms part of the Periscope on a Nuclear Submarine. The unit is manufactured from 37 individual piece parts which are assembled and brazed to form the SHUE Chassis. The SHUE Chassis has to take a pressure of 25bar without leakage. 
Anti-Missile System 
Mti has a contract to manufacture and supply 71 Dip Brazed Chassis. When loaded with electronics the Chassis Assembly are employed to detect incoming missiles. 
Airbus A380 Fuel Pumps 
There are 10 Fuel Pumps on each wing of the A380 Airbus Aircraft. Mti assemble free issue aluminium components supplied by the client, Braze and Pressure Test these Fuel Pumps. 
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